What Are the 5 Top Snake Bite Kits?

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Not a nice fella.

You want to be prepared for even the worst case scenarios whether taking a long hike in the desert, looking for a really out of the way fishing spot in the woods, or trampling through the wetlands during hunting season.

This means that in addition to having a normal first aid kit and protective gear like snake boots, you also want to make sure you have a high quality snake bite kit to help treat a venomous snake bite if that worst case scenario happens.

You would be amazed how well even a giant copperhead or rattlesnake can blend in until it’s a few seconds too late. Awareness and preventive clothing are both critical starting points, but you want to make sure you’re ready for treatment.

UPDATE: While there are those who still believe in using snake bite kits, I can no longer support that position. Even if you’re going to insist on reading this article or going forward please read this blog post to see why.

With all that being said, let’s look at 5 of the most popular and well-known snake bite kits, which coincidentally you could argue are also the 5 most popular snake bite first aid kits on Amazon.com.

Since there are many more kits out there now we’ve expanded the list and re-ranked them according to general popularity and quality of use. Keep in mind that there is some controversy on snake bite kits and it’s up to you to read the sources and decide which side you’re on when it comes to your care and protection. Enjoy the new content!

Sawyer Extractor Pump Bite and Sting Kit

Unpacked snake kit
An unpacked Sawyer first aid kit for snake bites and insect stings.

The Sawyer extractor pump bite and sting kit is the most popular by far. This is a kit that focuses not just on being able to extract venom from a snake bite, but it also has the proper tools to help deal with bee stings and other similar injuries. This is by far and away the most heavily reviewed venomous snake bite kit on Amazon.com with over 392 customer reviews as of this writing and a 4.5 star rating.

Now it’s important to point out that this kit isn’t solely based on treating venomous snake bites but it is a special first aid kit that can help with insect stings, snake bites, and anything similar. These kits are extremely popular because they are very affordable in addition to being an effective way to  treat stings and bites of all types.

This kit is extremely well organized, coming with:

  • Alcohol prep pads
  • Venom extractor
  • Razor to clear hair off the bit area
  • Band Aids

You can buy the Sawyer Extractor Pump Bite and Sting Kit by hitting the button below.

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Gaiam’s Extractor Bite & Sting First Aid Kit

Unpacked sting and bite kit

This bite and sting kit offered by Gaiam is a popular option when it comes to getting the proper treatment for a wasp sting, a bee sting, or even a snake bite. The tools here are for cleaning up the area of the sting or bite, using the extractor to remove venom, and bandages to keep infection out.

Gaiam might not be nearly as sexy a name as Sawyer or Coghlan’s, but this is a fantastic snake bite venom extractor and sting kit that is trusted by a wide number of outdoor specialists. One of the things many people comment on is how easy Gaiam bite and sting kits are to use, and the extractor has multiple sizes depending on the suction need, yet remains simple to change out and adjust as needed to make sure that the maximum amount of good is done whether extracting rattlesnake venom or pulling a stinger out of the swelling.

The Gaiam outdoor kit is extremely popular and there’s a reason it is one of the three big ones when it comes to snake bite and insect sting treatment kits on major retail stores online like Amazon. The kit knows how to deliver.

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Pac-Kit by First Aid Only 11-Piece Snake Bite First Aid Kit

Pac Kit 11 Piece Snake Bite Kit

Some people like the simple and easy to use kits designed for one use and then done, others like the major snake bite kits to be fully prepared for emergencies. This second group is where the Pac-Kit by First Aid Only comes in with its 11 piece venomous snake bite treatment kit.

Contained in a solid box, this protects it from a fall down a steep embankment or the rough and tumble jolting from some back roads. One of the obvious benefits of this particular snake bite kit is the fact that it is designed to be able to specifically treat venomous snake bites and doesn’t split resources between the slippery slithering reptiles and basic stinging insects.

You can buy the 7103 11-piece snake bite first aid kit by Pac-Kit to see how it compares to other Amazon snake bite first aid kit options.

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Primacare VE-5444 Venom Extractor Kit

Primacare snake venom extractor

The Primacare venom extractor is an inexpensive tool that comes with a couple of iodine based preparation pads and can be used to treat an immediate snake bite without having to change up anything special to switch it over.

This is one of the simplest tools for taking care of venomous snake bites, and while it might not come in the form of a full kit, this does make it easy to carry and inexpensive to purchase in any outdoor sporting goods store.

In fact, you can purchase Primacare’s VE-5444 venom extractor kit HERE at Amazon.com or check out our store to see how it compares to other Amazon snake bite first aid kit options.

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yellow extractor kitSawyer Extractor Bite & Sting Kit

No one should be surprised that the Sawyer name comes up once again. Advertised as an outstanding first aid kit for both bee stings and snake bites, all this is included in a compact waterproof carrying case while maintaining the Sawyer quality.

On Amazon this kit is advertised as being the only suction device that has actually been proven to remove snake venom, although there’s no link done to a study and an online search hasn’t shown those results, so take that claim worth a grain of salt.

There are many reviews of this product showing it has been used many years with insect bites, thorns, and even small puncture wounds from things like rusty nails or screws. This is a powerful extractor kit, easy to use, and is one of the most popular pieces of outdoor first aid gear of its kind for a good reason.

If you have faith in snake bite kits, this extractor is going to be one of the best ones out there on the market.

snake bite kit wrappedRothco Snake Bite Kit Reviewed

Rothco is a name that doesn’t come up all too often when you look into outdoor gear, but they have a niche and in this particular niche they rank right up there with Sawyer and the other top rated snake bit kits that are currently available.

The company states that these products are quality tested and this kit is designed to be durable and hold up even when put under a lot of pressure. These are built to be used by even the most rough and tumble outdoor enthusiasts and to hold up.

This is a good kit for the price, although it’s not going to have the same level as a truly elite snake bite kit. However as a quick, light, and easy to pack little kit, it does some nice work. The suctions hold pretty well, though they are a bit less effective on a particularly hairy section of skin.

There are sterile wipes, a scalpel, and some strings meant to be used for restriction. While this used to be a method of treating snake bites, we definitely want to give an UPDATE of by current standards: you should not cut an area of a snake bite, or a tourniquet.

Coghlan’s Snake Bite Kit

Coghlan Snake Bite Kit
The Coghlan’s Snake Bite Kit is one of the most popular and also appears quite a bit in big box stores like Wal-Mart.

While Sawyer’s might seem head and shoulders above the others based on the sheer number of reviews, just because a lot of people buy something doesn’t make it the best fit for everyone. There are also plenty of outdoor fans who don’t like the kits that try to be “one size fits all” and would rather have a product that is specifically designed to treat snake bites from venomous snakes found in the United States.

If you live in an area with rattlesnakes, coral snakes, copperheads, or cottonmouths (and chances are pretty overwhelming there’s at least one of them in your area), then it makes sense to plan for the worst case scenario.

Coghlan’s is not only the second most commonly rated snake bite first aid kit from Amazon.com, but it’s also by far and away the most common venomous snake bite kit available from Wal-Mart.

The reassurance with this particular kit is that it is designed specifically to help remove venom from snake bites to help buy you enough time to get to the nearest medical facility, whether that is a clinic or a hospital. Sometimes it’s a race against the clock, and having this kit on hand is like giving you a head start you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Originally Coghlan’s was up there on the list, but in recent years they definitely scaled back to some extent and went more with group packaging and mass production. However, you can still buy from them on Amazon if you have a preference to the Coghlan name.

In Conclusion

These are not only the five most highly rated venomous snake bite first aid kits, but are commonly the ones that get the most praise from users as being their favorites. While there might be some disagreement between fans of each of these specific kits as to which one works the most effectively for treatment of venomous snake bites.

Hopefully this article really answers any questions you have had, and if you have any other questions when looking for the snake bite first aid kit that works for you, take a look around this website and see what the more in-depth reviews can tell you!

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