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UPDATE: Due to the more recent studies on the effectiveness of snake bite kits (or the arguments saying they’re not) at this point we strongly recommend not relying on snake bite kits for actual treatment of snake bites. Look at the bottom for snake proof boots and gaiters that offer proven protection. The kits themselves we still offer for those not convinced, but we recommend them more for treating bee stings or insect stings as opposed to snake bites. For more information on these changes check out this post.

Originally this page had a major link that led to an Amazon Astore and why not? There was no point to setting up a separate store with our own expensive and technical shopping cart when you can use your Amazon.com account to get whatever your need. Since Amazon has discontinued those, we’ve decided to bring the best of these products onto this page, so please feel free to look and any purchase will be completed at Amazon.com*.

Those are some of the best snake bite venom extractor kits currently on the market, as are the following:

While there are some other snake bite kits around, these are the ones that have consistently been around the last few years and have consistently been seen as some of the better options on the market. That being said, we also strongly encourage prevention because even with proper treatment of a venomous snake bite where nothing goes wrong the recovery time can be long, painful, and the medical bills well north of $10,000 even after insurance.

That’s a major reason why we also advocate anti snake bite chaps and/or boots. The following are our particular favorites:

*We choose to use Amazon.com because they have the most reliable and secure payment and shipping system in place. We review the items, we can get them to you directly from the company through Amazon.com – it’s a win-win situation for all involved.