About Us

I hate snakes. I know they’re important for the environment, I know they eat mice and rats and the such and chances of a fatal snake bite are supposedly low (100,000 dead annually and 250,000 permanently disabled worldwide), and yes I know especially low in the United States, but man, I just don’t like snakes. This was even before almost stepping on a large timber rattler that was around four feet long at the age of ten. You don’t see many in Iowa, but when you were having a once in a century drought, all bets are off.

Anyway, point being there are plenty of people out there who share the same feeling and understand the importance of having a good snake bite kit (in addition to a first aid kit) on hand for these worst case scenarios, and that’s even if you don’t come from families like mine where we all love the outdoors, love hunting, love hiking through the woods, love finding out of the way places on riverbanks to fish, love going off the beaten trail.

You know, to the same places you are likely to find snakes. Add in my youth with the Boy Scouts of America and this website is all about the motto of “Be Prepared.”

So thanks for stopping by our website where we hope to give all the information possible on snake bite kits, snake bite treatments, and everything else you might need in order to be prepared for even the worst of emergency situations involving venomous snakes. In the end you’ll still need to go to a hospital, but snake bite kits can save your life and that’s why this is a topic I’m so passionate about.

If you’re also interested in prevention, be sure to check out my website reviewing snake proof boots, as well. Then you can be fully prepared for that rare but potentially disastrous encounter with a venomous viper.